Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly roundup: basic testing

Here are my "slides" for the (Italian) talk I held at PHP.TO.START this week. It has been nice to meet so passionate colleagues in Turin, not only from the PHP field but also in the startup arena. If I can't find you and you see this, comment here or ping me on Twitter so that I can follow you.
The talk's topic is the evolution of testing in PHP - from manual to automatic and from a scope oriented to correctness to an aid in design.

Here are my original articles published this week on DZone.
Lean Tools: Seeing Waste is the first of a series of articles on Lean tools in their software development version (Lean is a movement that goes beyond the software field, of course.)
PHP objects in MongoDB with Doctrine contains code for working with the Doctrine Object-Document Mapper and for integrating it with the ORM.
TravisCI Intro and PHP Example shows you how to setup an open source project to build itself on Travis CI (for free).
Sometimes Python is magic because of its __methods.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Biweekly roundup: PHP.TO.START sold out

Apparently the Turin event taking place this week is sold out. If you will be present, feel free to come up to me for geek chatting or OO/PHP/testing questions (which is the topic I will talk about.)

In the last two weeks I have published several new articles on DZone, also about other pieces of the web:
A Zend Framework 2 tryout is my review of the Zend Framework 2 beta releases, along with a list of what you don't have to learn again for now.
Asynchronous and negative testing is about testing that something does not happen in a running system.
All the mouse events in JavaScript is a collection of all and only the DOM events that are generated by a mouse, divided into classic and HTML5 ones.
Everything you need to know about Python exceptions is about the try..except..else..finally construct and the exception hierarchy of Python.
All about JMS messages topic's is a must-know for working with ActiveMQ and similar message-based middleware - I know middleware sounds like a buzzword, but I assure you it has a specific meaning.
CSS Bits: The Mouse Cursor is about customizing the mouse cursor appearance (interestingly, without any JavaScript code).
Bootstrap: rapid development and the complexity of a framework is my review of Bootstrap, a front end framework shipping some standard CSS solutions and UI widgets.
Test-Driven Emergent Design vs. Analysis is an essay about the dichotomy between writing code with the support of tests and exploring new classes and objects via other fluffy means like paper and boards. You know, that old thing called thinking.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Weekly roundup: PHP Goes Mobile rescheduled

PHP Goes Mobile has been rescheduled for April 13th in Milan; I will present my short talk on PHPUnit_Selenium usage on an Android device. See you there!

Here are my articles published this week on DZone.
Audio in HTML 5: state of the art explains how to use <audio> and Audio JavaScript objects to play music or sounds in a web page.
TDD in Python in 5 minutes is a dive into the unittest Python module.
Running JavaScript inside PHP code - yes, you read that right. Highly experimental.
Gradient descent in Octave is a walkthrough in a staple machine learning technique.