Friday, June 29, 2012

Roundup: the Lean tools series continues

Here are my posts about the Lean tools for software development proposed by the Poppendiecks and my daily experience with them. I've published also some independent tutorials that may help you in testing legacy code or cook up some functional JavaScript.

The Turing test explains which are the most popular interpretations of the famous test for distinguishing between humans and machines.
Lean tools: Pull systems is about limiting Work-In-Progress with a counter intuitive inversion.
Functional JavaScript with Underscore.js explains how to work with this library.
Lean Tools: Queuing Theory is about a scheduling technique that works on both people and computers.
Record and replay for testing of legacy PHP applications lets you record HTTP requests for repeating them in tests later on.
Lean tools: Cost of delay tries to put a price tag on delays in releasing a feature.
My take on Utility and Strategic software is a little essay on this dichotomy established by Fowler. In short, you want to work on strategic systems.
Lean Tools: Self-Determination is about eliminating Taylorism and assembly lines from our profession.
The Duck is a Lie is a critique on duck typing.
Lean Tools: Motivation is about what gives a team motivation, and it's not money.