Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Eris 0.4.0 is out

Eris is a PHPUnit extension for property-based testing, that is to say testing based on generating inputs to a system and check its state and output respect a set of properties. The project is a porting of QuickCheck and Eris is the name of the Greek goddess of chaos, since its aim is to break the System Under Test with unexpected inputs and actions.

I am planning a talk at the PHP User Group Milano and a longer blog post to introduce the general public to how property-based testing works. I held the same talk for a few friends at the phpDay 2015 Unconference.

Meanwhile version 0.4.0 is out, with the following ChangeLog:
  • Showing generated input with ERIS_ORIGINAL_INPUT=1.
  • names and date (DateTime) new Generator.
  • tuple Generator supports variadic arguments.
  • Shrinking respects when() clauses.
  • Dates and sorting examples.

As for all semantic-versioned projects, the 0.x series should be considered alpha and no API backward compatibility is guaranteed on update.

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