Wednesday, July 01, 2009

About this blog

This blog is A journey in web development, (computer) science and engineering: getting to know what lies under the hood.

My name is Giorgio Sironi and I am Computer Engineer working as a software developer. Currently I work in Onebip in Milan, in Italy. My main interestes are currently architecture, testability, distributed systems.

I firmly believe that software development is an engineering task, and that an engineer should know not only to use tools but also how tools are built. This blog is a voyage in learning how things work - particularly web technologies; it is also a dissertation on how to build something that lasts.

My hope is to share what I find along the way in this journey, and I commit to provide value for the web community, with articles and post series on the practices and techniques that I use in my work and projects.

To contact me for any reason, feel free to write an e-mail to info @ giorgiosironi dot (no spam please) com.


Jared said...


Just thought you might like to know that we don't generally talk about grades in the U.S.

When we do, we tend to talk about grade point average("GPA"), rather than "A Grades" as you have here.

GPA is usually calculated on a four point system where A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, and F=0.

So, a perfect GPA (all A's) would be 4.0.

If I were to translate you 29+ average to the US GPA system, I would start with the knowledge that the Italian system is a 30 point system and a perfect 30 average would be equivalent to a perfect 4.0 US GPA.

Therefore a 29 average would be equivalent to (29/30)*4 = 3.87.

If you really want to report your US equivalent GPA, you could say 3.87+.

Or you could just say that you're a straight-A student.

In any case, thank you for the well-written blog, and congratulations on your continuing success. :-)

Giorgio said...

I have updated the post calculating the equivalent of the current 29.25; thank you for the pointers.

Anonymous said...

you are so serious...I prefer the boy with cat's eyes!;)

Sudheer said...

Hi Giorgio,

Do you IRC?

My nick on Freenode is Bonaparte and @bngsudheer on Twitter.

At the outset, your CMS looks very interesting. I will check it in detail later.

Giorgio said...

Yes, on Freenode I sometimes am in #zftalk with the nick giorgiosironi.

Anonymous said...

hey, pity it's php I really prefer using C# these days. I also created a sports site in php which was supported for many years but my life is moving away from scripting.

Also, your link to Ossigeno Cms is broken. I mean it's broken into two links :)

Giorgio said...

Do you mean NakedPhp? The second link is of another project that is born a few weeks ago, a port of the Naked Object framework from Java to php.

Anis uddin Ahmad said...

Great posts. I'm loving them.
Specially posts about testing.

Giorgio said...

Thanks for the appreciation, Anis.

Anonymous said...

yes.. cognitively !

Unknown said...

I am your new reader.
You just added me on Google Plus.
Nice to meet you and you have got a very nice blog.