Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year's resolution (a bit late)

I think setting smart goals is a good practice in personal and professional development. I decided to share my goals for the solar year 2010 to become accountable for the results I achieve and my potential failures. It's January 5th, but it's better late than ever.
These are my plans for 2010:
  • first, maintaining this blog with a regular posting schedule throughout all the year. I took a pause during the holidays but I intend to post 5-6 new articles a week, whilst the topic of the blog does not change: software development and engineering. Given the 52 weeks contained in an year, this goal results in 285 posts that should fill the 2010 archive.
  • this year I will obtain my bachelor's degree in Computer engineering. I commit to sustain the final test in the July or September sessions.
  • I will get a B2 English language certification, in order to graduate. This is an independent exam, external to my university, required for the degree.
  • finally, I commit to produce a stable release of my personal project, NakedPhp. NakedPhp is a php port of the Naked Objects Framework for Java, which generates a user interface for direct manipulation of objects and classes. Currently the subversion repository has reached the hundredth revision, which is not bad for a solo developer.
Considering the English language certificate as part of the degree, these are my three major projects for the year. I think I can sustain this workload, as I have no strong need to take freelancing gigs for financial reasons in this period, which would consume time I dedicate to open source.
Though, the main issue with goals is not the setting phase, but achieving them: every two months I will post about these goals and the steps I will have taken to reach them.
Happy new year everybody and happy resolution!

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