Saturday, March 06, 2010

Last holiday week roundup

This has been a productive week, given that I had finished my exams early in February and I was free from university commitments. Since you follow this blog I thought you would enjoy some focused links to my writings outside of here. I do not want to waste your weekend time so I will be short.

I wrote two original articles on this week:
Month of PHP Security 2010
Contributing to Zend Framework

Three blog posts have been republished by DZone, with my consent, as you can see from my personal page. The original pages for these articles are:
Practical Php Patterns: Mediator
Practical Php Patterns: Memento
Why I'm leaving Subversion for Git
Well, people have gone from You really don't know English to We republish nearly everything you write. If you encounter some snobbish trolls that belittle you, don't give up on your projects. It's the norm.

I hope you enjoy this material if you have not check it out yet.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Giorgio - I enjoy your writings, so I'm glad you posted these also. Do you have an opinion on the CSDP certification? I'm trying to decide whether it's a worthwhile goal to pursue.

Giorgio said...

Certifications are a plus for stand out in a job market, so it largely depends on which market you are in. For example here in Italy the barrier to entry for IT consultants is very low, so certifications don't count much.