Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weekly roundup: Chansonnier is ready

This week I've completed the last user story (search term highlighting) on Chansonnier, my thesis-related project on multimedia search. Now I'm reviewing my thesis document with the goal of graduating in July and return to the PHP world.

Here are my original articles for this week.

Practical PHP Patterns: Single Table Inheritance
Lower your bar in Test-Driven Development
Practical PHP Patterns: Class Table Inheritance
The refactoring breakthrough on a CoffeeMachine, a post which gained little attention but that presents my approach to Test-Driven Development and refactoring on a little sample project from the ground up. If you wanna see how I work with TDD, this post also points to the related repository on github.

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Testblog said...


do you have a Screenshot or something like this of your Chansonnier search?

Giorgio said...

There is a video: