Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekly roundup: double edition, packing for Siena

Last week I got caught in the Google search vs. Oracle joke and I couldn't do a roundup, so this one spans two weeks' worth of posts.
Anyway, I will be in Siena for the next weeks, for software consulting business.

Here are my articles written in the last two weeks.
WebML: overcoming UML for web applications
Practical PHP Patterns: Remote Facade
The buzzword glossary, a dictionary for frequently used generic words such as model, domain, role...
Practical PHP Patterns: Data Transfer Object
The shortest guide to character sets you'll ever read, which is fully exaplained by its title.
Practical PHP Patterns: Optimistic Offline Lock
Native jQuery animations, which shows what you can do with the jquery.js file only.
Practical PHP Patterns: Pessimistic Offline Lock

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