Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekly roundup: university time

I have completed my first standard week in a Master's program at Politecnico di Milano. Well it's not really a week, since it is composed of four days, but I work full time on Friday. The topics of the Data Engineering specialization are quite interesting, comprehending courses such as image processing (how a program acts on multimedia files to modify them), multimedia information retrieval (how to query a large collection of images, videos or songs), computer vision (how a computer can recognize objects in an image), and so on. There's also some classic stuff like advanced databases and web development.

You don't have to worry about my time shortage however: here's are my four original articles published this week, as happened every other Saturday.
Practical PHP Patterns: Plugin
Paint on a canvas like Van Gogh, a primer on HTML 5 <canvas> element.
Practical PHP Patterns: Service Stub, a classic integration testing solution to keep in your toolbox.
You don't have to always stare at a screen, which describes how to substitute LCD with ebook readers for most of your tasks, even reading blog articles.

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