Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly roundup: Refcard upcoming

It seems that my Refcard will be published tomorrow (November 15th). Follow to get a promptly update on publishing.

Refcardz are 6-page cheat sheet which you can use as a reference while programming.
For example, my team printed various copies of the Git Refcard when starting out with this tool. My Refcard instead is related to a popular testing harness.

Here are my original articles for this week.
Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Standard Fixture describes the concentration of fixture creation code in a single place, which eliminates duplication but may result in overgeneralization.
The Dark Side of Lean discusses Toyota's mindset, with the hope that Lean software development is different enough from it to avoid copying the Japanese work values. Which are: live to work.
Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Fresh Fixture describes the creation of new fixtures for each different test to run.
It's just like putting LEGO bricks together... Or not? in which the validity of LEGO bricks as a software metapho is discussed.

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