Thursday, December 30, 2010

Results of my 2010 New Year's resolution

My last new year's resolution of January 5th, 2010 had three main goals. Let's see how it all played out.

First goal was maintaining my blog, with an estimate of 285 posts for the year 2010. You can see that on this website there are not so many articles, but the fact is that I moved my technical writing at DZone. On, the Web Builder Zone of the site, I write 4 articles a week that I regularly link from here.
The counter is currently at 178 articles on DZone plus 140 here (the majority before the switch); some of them are link posts and they should not be counted in the statistics. We can say however that the first goal was more or less accomplished.

The second goal was obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, plus its mandatory English language certification. I exceeded exceptations and score 111/120 on my TOEFL exam and graduates with a final mark of 110 cum laude, which is the maximum grade in Italy. We can say this goal has been accomplished.

The third goal has not been met instead. I was aiming to continue development on a personal project, NakedPhp, and reach a stable release. However, two things got in the way. First, I started working on my thesis in February, and stopped working in PHP to code in Java and JavaScript for quite some time, until graduation in July. The day after graduation, I received a work offer from Allbus, where I still work part-time today.
Thus, I hadn't have any free time for open source coding this year, apart from my MockBuilder contribution to PHPUnit. I however still write a lot, and I hope my tutorials and articles make up for the time spent from other people on open source tools like Doctrine 2 that I use every day. I have failed this goal.

Tomorrow I think I'll write a new-new year's resolution. It's quite interesting to go back after an year, and see what you still value, and which assumptions are changed about what you should be doing in your life.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Giorgio. I definitely get a lot out of your writings, and always look forward to your articles. You've introduced me to a ton of things - DI, DDD, etc. You're always on the cutting edge. Keep it up! :)