Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly roundup: first round of exams

I am in the middle of the first session of exams of the Master's course in Computer Engineering here at Politecnico di Milano. My specialization is in multimedia and data engineering, so there are new interesting topics I may write about in the future, like image processing, computer vision and web-scale search.

Here are my original articles for this week, published on DZone.
Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Chained Tests explains how to write tests which recycle the results of earlier tests in PHPUnit.
And now instead, 5 things Java envies PHP for received only 2 downvotes (with 13 upvotes) on a Java-centric website like DZone. I think my PHP audience will like it.
Practical PHP Testing Patterns: State Verification starts the comparison between checking state and checking interactions, and also between Stubs and Mocks.
PageRank in 5 minutes takes a short time to tell you how this million-dollar algorithm works. PageRank is now taught in universities, just like Quicksort.

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