Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly roundup: the "innovation" buzzword

I just returned from the first seminar of Alta Scuola Politecnica on Lake Maggiore. It's too early to make a judgment on this experience, but the speakers (e.g. Francesco Lissoni, Trevor Pinch) had indeed made a good job in transforming the course title (Something something something innovation if I remember correctly) into tangible concepts: why pursuing innovation and what it means, how to involve users into your projects, the impact of patents and intellectual property, and other interesting topics.
And working with colleagues of very different backgrounds (management, graphic design, even aeronautics) and nationality (Russia, Serbia, Colombia) is surely an unstable and funny terrain.

While I was away, my four articles for this week have been published on DZone.
Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Mock Object
Table-free CSS layouts in 10 minutes
Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Fake Object
Which PHP framework would you use today for a brand new application?


carloz said...

hey giorgio,

a) your DZONE posts are always bright and interesting ;-)
b) your editor would better change the post title before publishing them ... ex:
c) the flattr button here on the blog does not seem to work fine (at least now, at my end - I'm using Chromium on Ubuntu, and I'm even logged in in flattr in a different tab)


Giorgio said...

a) Good to know that publishing on DZone instead of here does not get in the way.
b) Yeah... :)
c) Unfortunately I see a different button as the owner of the post, I need to investigate more on this.

carloz said...

c) just fine

thx for the prompt reply :-))