Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bi-weekly roundup: Practical PHP Refactoring

I didn't have much time last Sunday, so here's a roundup of my articles that cover the two weeks just passed.

In the first week, I started a new Practical PHP Refactoring series, as suggested by @_odino_ as a continuation from the Practical PHP Testing Patterns one.  The level of interest is comparable between the two series, so I feel it will go on.
Practical PHP Refactoring: Extract Method is one of the basic tools of the code surgeon.
Parallelism for dummies explains how parallelism affects our programmer lives at various levels, from multi-core processors to clusters of servers.
Practical PHP Refactoring: Inline Method is the simmetrical refactoring.
Automated code reviews for PHP is an introduction to PHP quality assurance tools that you can include in your build.

In the second week, 
Practical PHP Refactoring: Inline Temp is about eliminating unnecessary abstractions.
Monitoring on Unix from scratch is an overview of the tools for logging CPU, memory and I/O utilization bundled on Linux and similar systems.
Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Temp with Query is about keeping methods short by extracting the calculation of variables into other methods.
I don't know how to test this makes the point on the importance of learning testing skills, and gives you lots of tips from my experience on web applications.

Image courtesy of Ildar Sagdejev.

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