Thursday, July 07, 2011

The ultimate web 2.0 note-taking tool

It's always with you, because it fits in your pocket. You don't have strange synchronization processes which would eventually overwrite something. It does not require an Internet connection, so it works everywhere free of charge. It does not force you into a textual form or anything, you're free to draw mind maps or graphs.
And it is web 2.0, if you buy it on eBay (not suggested due to shipping costs).

No seriously, leave out the web 2.0 part. The fact is that the information I keep in this notepad has a cycle that goes from written to discarded of some days at maximum: I write on it Google queries I should make, ideas and exercises got from books that I should explore, or titles of articles to write.
Since I do not have to keep these information around for long, there are no disadvantages with respect to a digital form. I'll never write an article on it, but for my reminders works pretty well.

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Horace Hippo said...

Ha! I entirely agree, although I have many online sync'd lists/notes/scribbles, I use good ol' dead trees as my primary braindump interface.