Friday, September 02, 2011

Who disagrees with me? First issue

I've just sent to subscribers the first issue of Who disagrees with me?, a service providing a weekly link to an article guaranteed to challenge your thinking.
For example, readers who have subscribed to the PHP edition (selecting PHP as their preferred technology) are getting an article describing an advanced feature of Ruby that PHP lacks by construction.

If you want to jump on board, subscribe. I am pretotyping this service by selecting links manually: if there is a recurring interest in the list, I will transform it into a website covering other areas too (economics, or maybe music).
Who disagrees with me subscription


Dell Sala said...

I think this is an interesting idea. As I filled out the subscription form I found myself thinking, "hmm, what technology am interested in learning about it's critics?" I still expect to get what I asked for. Is that really popping the filter bubble?

Giorgio said...

Not yet, but this pretotype's goal is just a way to collect feedback (like yours) and test if people are really interested in this kind of service. Good to know that the user data collection part should be even more subtle.