Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly roundup: the coming war

Now, it may seem like SOPA is the end game in a long fight over copyright, and the Internet, and it may seem like if we defeat SOPA, we'll be well on our way to securing the freedom of PCs and networks. But as I said at the beginning of this talk, this isn't about copyright, because the copyright wars are just the 0.9 beta version of the long coming war on computation. -- Cory Doctorow
I advise you to read the full transcript of Cory Doctorow's talk (or watch the videoThe Coming War on General Purpose Computation to get a feel of where the closed&special purpose devices trend may head (or is already heading) in the future. Sacrificing Turing-completeness is something no engineer can dream for.

Here are my articles published this week on DZone.
Practical PHP Refactoring: Push Down Field explains how to move a field down into a class hierarchy to simplify the involved superclasses.
Object-oriented Clojure is a tutorial on how to use Java objects from Clojure and how to define new interfaces and classes (actually protocols and records).
Practical PHP Refactoring: Extract Subclass explains how to extract a new subclass, something we assumed already existed in the previous articles of the series.
Open/Closed Principle on real world code is an implementation of the Command pattern in PHPUnit_Selenium, displaying production code instead of the usual self-contained examples.

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Michel said...

Yep, SOPA is going to be one hell of a war.

Here's a great TED talk by Clay Shirky, that explains "Why SOPA is a bad idea"

He looks back at the predecessors of congress bills like SOPA and explains, in his oppinnion, why SOPA is bad for the common people like you and me.