Sunday, January 08, 2012

Weekly roundup: Wirfs-Brock's book

I have started reading Rebecca Wirfs-Brock's 2003 book, cited by XPers as one of the books that teach the lost art of object-oriented design. So far I have filled one page of notes while reading the first chapter, and reached the first code sample on Double Dispatch; it's a very dense book.
It's too soon to tell if this book's content is obvious or mind-blowing - but it can succeed in instilling a design mindset different from the modern OOP one; for example, based on roles and responsibilities instead of "records with functions attached to their heads".

These are my articles published this week on DZone.
Practical PHP Refactoring: Pull Up Constructor Body completes the miniseries on pulling up duplication into a superclass, as one of the ways to eliminate it.
TDD for multithreaded applications is my attempt at test-drive the design of a distributed applications without resorting to sleep() calls and non-deterministic tests.
Practical PHP Refactoring: Push Down Method is one of two articles on simplifying superclasses by pushing down pieces of code that are specific to a subclass.
Web application in Clojure: the starting point is an howto for using Ring, the equivalent of the Servlet API in the Clojure world. I probably will try out higher-level tools in the next weeks, like Compojure or Noir.

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