Monday, January 04, 2016

PHPUnit_Selenium 2.0.0 is out

Here is the text of the change I have just merged to make a new major version of PHPUnit_Selenium a reality:
As signaled in #351, there are incompatibilities between the current version of PHPUnit_Selenium and PHPUnit 5.
It is a losing proposition to still support Selenium 1 API (SeleniumTestCase), as it redefines methods that have even changed signatures. It has not been maintained for years.
So to support PHPUnit 5.x there will be a new major version of this project, 2.x. The old 1.x branch will remain available but not updated anymore.
2.x will contain:
  • Selenium2TestCase
and work with PHPUnit 4.x or 5.x, with correspondent PHP versions.
1.x will contain:
  • SeleniumTestCase
  • Selenium2TestCase
but will only work with PHPUnit 4.x, with correspondent PHP versions. In general, it will not be updated anymore. 
Supported PHP versions vary from 5.3 (!) to 5.6, according to the PHPUnit's version requirement.
Installation is available through Composer, as before.

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