Saturday, January 09, 2010

Php 5.3 on Sourceforge

This week, since I had not found similar proposals, I posted an idea on the Sourceforge IdeaTorrent:
Php 5.3 is not available on Project Web platform
Php 5.3 is required by the Doctrine 2 ORM and will be probably required for Zend Framework 2.0; php projects should be able to develop for 5.3 without losing the availability of the project web platform for testing and demos.
Sourceforge is one of the biggest hosting platforms for open source projects.
The Project web platform is the web hosting space available for every project at, which can store sample instances of web applications, such as public demos or development checkouts.
This platform provides a mysql database and php 5.2, but I think it's important to help open source projects adopting php 5.3 and its shiny new features, like namespaces and closures, whilst keeping example deployments on the servers.
If you also think php 5.3 would be a useful option on Sourceforge web hosting, vote for the solution or propose new ones on the IdeaTorrent. :)

The Practical Php Patterns series will resume on next Monday.


Arnold Daniels said...

GitHub is a same kind of concept as sourceforge, only based around Git.

GitHub has the advantage that anyone can easily fork a project. The forked project can easily pull changes of the original (as long as they don't conflict). The original project can also pull changes from forks.

PHP is already on GitHub:

Giorgio said...

AFAIK Github does not offer web space for projects or developers like Sourceforge does.
The Php source on Github is actually a mirror of the official Subversion repository. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Giorgio,

We offer custom pages on GitHub, check out