Thursday, April 08, 2010

phpDay 2010 (plus discount code)

I will be at phpDay 2010, the Italian conference on PHP and related topics, as a speaker.
There are many talks in English from foreign speakers such as Fabien Potencier, but my talk is in Italian. It is scheduled for the last day of the conference, 15th May 2010.
Talk page on
Architettura e testabilità: il design di un'applicazione può essere influenzato positivamente da diverse pratiche. La facilità di testing é condizione sufficiente per un architettura che garantisca semplice manutenzione e alta coesione dei componenti. Argomenti trattati: Dependency Injection, Law of Demeter, Design Pattern creazionali (Factory vs. Singleton), Api oneste.
If you are interested, you can book a seat here. I have a 20% discount code I can give you if you ask me via email, I'm not sure publishing it here is allowed.

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