Friday, April 30, 2010

Zen-Driven Development, part 1

Inspired by Eric S. Raymond's Unix Koans.
Long time ago, a student wanted to learn Test-Driven Development. Thus, he went to the Great Master to learn the ways of test-first design.
The student said to the Master "How can I learn TDD, this new methodology that would fix my broken designs?"
The master answered "If you want answers from me, I cannot help."
But the student did not understand.

The day after that, the student came back to the Great Master.
He said "Master, I am humile and eager to learn. Can you tell me how can I employ Test-Driven Development in my projects? I have so much legacy code to tame... I want to be Agile."
And the Master "Again, I do not have answers."

The third day, the student came back discouraged.
"Master, I do not want answers. Just give me a little clue, since in three days I have not written a single line of code. I want to be a TDDer."
"Listen to me, for a great truth is being revealed to you, without any certification course."
The student looked at the Master impatiently. The Master continued:
"You told me you want to learn TDD. But TDD does not start working on a problem by producing its answer. It starts from defining the problem, posing a question. Only when there is a clear, formal question defined you can verify you have answered it when the time comes."
Then there was a bit of silence, as the student nodded in agreement.
"Are you able to write a wget clone by using TDD?" the Great Master asked.
"Of course no, master..."
"Then we get a red bar."
And then, the student was enlightened.

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