Monday, August 16, 2010

The Flattr model

Following examples from Germany, I have integrated the Flattr buttons in this blog. I also reduced the only ad, an AdSense banner, to a small box on the right.

Basically Flattr is a micropayment system:
  • Users charge their account via Paypal or other means.
  • They flattr really amazing blog entries or useful articles they found on the Internet, when they want to repay the authors for their time and effort.
  • At the end of every month a small, configurable amount of money (like 2 or 10 €) is set aside. This is divided between all the flattered articles the user has selected.
Fixed expense, almost no barrier to micropayment once registered to Flattr (Paypal has fees that render donating something like € 0.10 impossible). We'll see how this work out.
If you also want to be flattered, try set up the system on your blog too.


Christof Damian said...

Just today I was checking your blog for a flattr button :-)

Finally a way to get a bit back for your nice posts.

Stefano said...

Very good service! but i think it can't replace AdSense

Giorgio said...

Well, for a small blogger like me, in this niche, AdSense is not profitable at all (unless you are Joel Spolsky or similar who gets thousands of page views every single day).

Energy Audit said...

Flattr model is going to be very impressive as you have said that this flattr system is going to be same as the micropayment system.