Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekly roundup: back from Siena

Original articles
Here are my article for this week on Web Builder Zone.
How to set up the Pomodoro Technique in your office, which introduces the Pomodoro Technique as a tool for time management even for teams and not only for freelancers.
Practical PHP Patterns: Layer Supertype, which talks about the common practice of extracting superclass, which is not always beneficial as it seems at a first glance.
Why a Pomodoro helps you getting in the zone answers the common questions on getting in the zone while using the Pomodoro Technique.
Practical PHP Patterns: Registry, which presents the Registry as implemented by Zend Framework 1.x and its inherent issues.

Siena, the city of Palio
After four weeks as a Software Architect in Siena, I'm back ready to begin my new university courses. I'll continue working for Allbus remotely for some hours a week.
The experience has been quite interesting, as it was essentially what I am used to do on an open source project, applied to a commercial one. This is another benefit of contributing to open source: it prepares you for the challenges of your work.
Besides that, living in Siena for some weeks was delightful, because of the city's beauty and population density. Walking to work instead of driving a car was particularly unusual.

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