Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekly roundup: reaching the conceptual contours

This week at Allbus we have been extracting methods, interfaces and classes all the time. We are hitting the point when the refactoring is paying off and we can finally remove old, duplicated and ugly code, never called in our new routines.
Never stop refactoring and eliminating duplication. The answer to How many lines of code have you written today? should be something like -100.

Here are the articles for this week on Web Builder Zone.
Is graceful degradation dead?, which discusses the issues in accessibility of popular websites and enteprise applications.
Practical PHP Patterns: Mapper, which introduces the sibling pattern of Gateway.
Practical PHP Patterns: Separated Interface is about the management of dependencies by careful placement of interfaces.
From Subversion to Git in a morning describes how we did the migration, comprehending svn:externals conversion to submodules, in a few hours.

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