Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekly roundup: switching to Chrome

It seems that my co-workers have infected me and I'm now using Google Chrome (actually Chromium, via the Ubuntu repositories) instead of the old-fashioned Firefox 3. I can't help it, it's far too fast and Firefox cannot keep up with it: I started with the Chrome for a Cause extension and I found out that it was probably a marketing stunt to push people to try Chrome, hoping that it would the better performance with respect to the other browsers will convince the average user to stay. At least on me, it worked.

Here are my original articles, published this week on DZone.
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Dawid Lorenz said...

Just like you I tried to keep up with Firefox as much as I could but I ultimately couldn't resist Chrome's blazing performance. It seems that adding extensions to it doesn't degrade speed as much as in Firefox.

Giorgio said...

I expected a stable Firefox 4 for ages, but still it won't be fast enough...

Francesco said...

Firebug is the only reason I keep firefox installed on my machines.

Didn't we also convert you to NetBeans? :-)

Giorgio said...

But chrome has an native 'console' object, which means code containing console.log() calls won't break when its Firebug equivalent is closed.
However, you'll have to extract my :w from the cold fingers of my corpse... :)

Thijs Damen said...

I tried switching from firefix to chrome but I can not get used to it's console. how did you get used to it?

agreed, the speed is dandy, but I just switch to chrome if I want to see some chromeexperiments. otherwise firefox works for me still