Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly roundup: speaking at phpDay 2011

I have been accepted for speaking at phpDay 2011, the one and only Italian conference on PHP. I hope to do a good job in teaching the audience new things and entertaining them with my two talks (which have been accepted in the Italian version).
Inseguendo le pratiche di Domain-Driven Design in PHP, in which I share my studies and real world experience on how to conjugate DDD and PHP technologies. For example, how can you maintain a persistence-agnostic Domain Model? And how can you store it in a database when it contains classes that do not correspond 1:1 to tables, like Value Objects? The word inseguendo (pursuing) is there because I do not aim to be your DDD guru (that's @ziobrando), but I am the guy that given a DDD prescription gets a working PHP applicaton. By the way, this talk will also be presented at the Dutch PHP Conference 2011.
Pomodori tutto l'anno, on the Pomodoro Technique and my year-long experience with it as a freelancer, and for a period in a team. Time management isn't only a topic for braindead self-help books.

Here are my original articles published this week.
Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Unfinished Test Assertion describes how to mark an incomplete test. Hint: it's not by putting a Post-it on the monitor.
Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Garbage-Collected Teardown describes the first teardown technique of the series, which is also the simplest.
Do not fear the command line is a collection of some years of shell experience on Linux. Many tricks from my .bashrc are revealed.
Can you use PHP without frameworks nowadays? has been a very popular article (more than 10k views) about a fundamental question. Everyone asks What framework should we choose? but no one one asks instead Do we need a framework?

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