Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly roundup: stepping down at Allbus

As you may know, from March 1st I won't be the Software Architect for Allbus anymore, but I will remain in contact as an advisor. In fact, we're looking for a substitute for my position.
Working in Siena and via telecommuting with this team has been a pleasant experience and we will continue our collaboration through other means. The time freed by the new contract will let me pursue Alta Scuola Politecnica and maybe also write on this personal blog (I write 4 articles for DZone every week, which is quite time consuming). Do you feel articles on this blog would have an higher impact than the ones I publish on DZone? To me, there's really little difference in the end result, and that's why I have been a Zone Leader for months.

However, here are my original articles published this week.
Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Automated Teardown explains how to implement tear down of non-in-memory testing resources, like temporary files or databases.
How to remove getters and setters tells you 5-6 different ways to limit and eradicate usage of getters and setters in your classes. Getters and setters are a poor encapsulation mechanism.
Practical PHP Testing Patterns: In-Line Teardown explains how to tear down resources inside a test method and ensure it is really executed even in case of failure.
Why Ruby's monkey patching is better than land mines...wait, what? takes on the sarcastic Why PHP is better than Ruby and deconstructs monkey patching, comparable to messing with the foundations of your house.


Stefano said...

Love your articles in Dzone, Giorgio, but i think the next project should be your own blog, not like this one, completely focused on programming, with a cool domain name, a little community behind and so on :) Then you can accept guest posts, you know, and growing up in a better way!

Giorgio said...

I am ultimately an engineer, not a writer. :) Although I enjoy writing and I understand that a focused blog is a wonderful communication tool, but for me it has worked better as a medium to reach out other programmers and companies (like I did with Allbus) than as a full-fledged project.

WishCow said...

You should definitely post more :)

Also, would it be possible to cross-post the DZone articles here, or just mention them in some way?

There were two occasions now that I wanted to ask/comment on one of your articles, but turned away by the DZone registration form. Seriously, 18 required fields?

Giorgio said...

Cross-posting is out of the Zone Leader terms; however I always tweet my articles and link them on Sunday in this weekly roundup, so that those following the feed of this blog are notified. Do you think there are other ways that could work? Posting the new link every day may be noisy.