Monday, May 23, 2011

DPC 2011 slides

Here are my slides for the Testing in isolation tutorial. A link is included pointing to the Git repository, this time with tags. :)

These are the slides for the Domain-Driven Design talk (similar to the phpDay 2011 version). Link to the Git repository is included too.


Anonymous said...

How many actual projects did you get done Giorgio? I'm curiuos becuase don't believe that anyone can be in any way productive when forced to go through things like TDD, DDD.

DDD inventor seems like a guy who just wants to capitalize on this thing which he invented and it seems involuntarily made as much hard to understand as possible.

Giorgio said...

Wow, possible troll detected. I have been working as freelancer for 6 years at a rate of 2/3 projects completed per year (remember I have an academic career too). But you shouldn't rely just on my opinion about DDD/TDD effectiveness: companies like Thoughtworks apply this approaches to late projects when brought on as consultants, and get things done (otherwise they would have been out of business years ago.)

Tomas Dermisek said...

We have been using TDD/DDD for couple of years now and there is no way back.

Constant changes and adding new features to our applications would not be possible without TDD. TDD is avoiding the fear driven development.

And DDD brings such a clarity to our domain (more than 1000 classes) ... hard to describe.

Anonymous said...

@Giorgio: Can we see them or are they a "commercial secret"?

"Thoughtworks" makes expensive websites while utilizing TDD - yes yes. I would argue that nothing stops you from building these same websites just as successfully without TDD (go look through their portfolio).

Let me see- what is the most widely used PHP app out there..enourmously successfull app...mmm.. - oo. - got it - "wordpress"! Tell you what - you'll be hardpressed to find a test suit for wordpress. It doesn't even use front controller pattern. It goes further - as far as I can tell it's procedural for the most part.

Does no TDD, no front controller, lack of OOP makes it less reliable, dependable?

yeah - keep drinking that kool aid.

I also asked magento team if they use TDD and there is a test harness - got no response. So - i guess I'll take it as a no.

TDD, DDD is no more than nice trick be used by marketing teams. Really really helps software company with it's bottom line.