Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekly roundup: back from Bardonecchia

I have returned from an Alta Scuola Politecnica one-week event organized by (UX|service|strategic|product) designers, and although I had some reserves at first I enjoyed the startup game where we had to craft an experiment to test the viability of a service idea, using only existing technologies (no fancy web application allowed). This approach is reminescent of Google's Pretotyping Manifesto, so it struck the right chord in me.

Anyway, while I was away my four weekly articles have been published by my editor.
Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Humble Object shows you how to deal with untestable controllers and other framework-based objects.
How to bomb a technical talk is about what I have learned from my first foreign, professional conference.
Practical PHP Testing Patterns: Test Hook is a measure of last resort.
The eXtreme Programming Values are not just a marketing tool.

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