Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly roundup: PHP.TO.START

I'm packing up some gear (and some dinner) for my trip to Torino for the PHP.TO.START. The path from Porta Nuova station to the event is in the most central area of the city, so I'll take a walk in the morning; maybe I'll try the metro for the return trip, which (unlike the Milan one) is very modern and completely automatic.

Here are my original articles published during this week.
Practical PHP Refactoring: Remove Assignments to Parameters is a small scale refactoring to ensure the values of parameters remain invariants of a method.
Testing JavaScript when the DOM gets in the way uses jsTestDriver for testing JavaScript code which manipulated divs, inputs and other HTML elements.
Practical PHP Refactoring: Replace Method with Method Object describes how to extract a too complex method as an object of its own.
The era of Object-Document Mapping is a snapshot of the current Doctrine tools for mapping PHP objects to a NoSQL database.


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